The Convenient Igbo Girl

The Convenient Igbo Girl

“Hi my name is Nkiru Mordi and I’m from Delta State.”



“Yeah, Delta-Igbo”

“The fuck is that?”


“Oh it’s this thing that bigots in denial use to segregate a perfectly happy/harmonious group of people such that one feels inferior to the other and the said inferior clan also feels rejected in their home state hence sources for acceptance in this superior clan they’re constantly being segregated from.”


Stop it! ??? It’s bullshit!

Since we’re all full of shit anyway, here’s how I utilize this dual ethnicity (there’s no real word/phrase yet to describe us yet but wait on it boo).

It’s easier to be from the oil city when the  Igbo Girl slander is live on twitter but Delta scholarship Scheme will have me raising placards right beside Tega soliciting for the rights of Niger Delta Youth. What? You’re gonna judge me but not the bigots? Work with me here, I’m headed somewhere.

Let’s just collectively agree that I have a huge cultural heritage, thanks bigots. I am Delta and Igbo! This means more.

More benefits. More diversity. More relatives. More local dishes to explore. More cultural attires. More languages to learn. More stories to relate with. More exotic lands to be associated with. More love to share. More unity. More!

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