What does feminism mean to you?

What does feminism mean to you?

I don’t know what is so vile about the word #feminism that people reject so vehemently. Wouldn’t you want your daughter to get a promotion she worked hard for at her place of work and not be outsed by a more manlier man just because he was… Well, a man?
I recently got called a “bloody feminist” in IG comment banter and I couldn’t help but wonder what people think feminism means.
Here’s a list
Feminism tells you to argue with your husband
Feminism tells you to counter his decision
Feminism tells you to challenge him because you now make money
Feminism tells you not to be “submissive”
Notice how everything revolves around men and marriage?

Feminism is simple! Give the girl the rights the boy has. It means you have a right to work but you can CHOOSE to be a housewife and tend to your husband and his “other” rooms

You have a right to contest for whatever position | You have a right to sue if you get raped | You have a right to dress how YOU like | You have a right to vote.

Think of anything a man can do, you have a right to do it… What you choose to do with your life becomes on you.

I think it’s EXTREMELY unfair that women who are enjoying the benefits of feminism are publicly speaking against it and men who do not understand it or maybe understand it and are scared tarnish the image of feminism and make it look like and angry, bitter and complicated movement. Inform yourself on what Feminism really is and you’d find, think of how it affects your daughter, only then will you realize that deep down, you really are a feminist. Or an irredeemable sexist.

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Definition of feminism via Wikipedia.

  • sadly my dear, those who have benefited more from the feminist struggles especially in Africa, are the same people who vehemently oppose the idea, but like you said… too many people are ignorant of concepts and their applications.

    17/10/2016 at 7:34 PM
  • Moses

    As much as a couple of people react in a hostile manner to feminist movements, I feel pitching the ide of feminism should be done subtly too.

    At least that way, people who actually listen when others speak would get to understand what it’s about.

    A lot of people when speaking about feminism are almost already hostile in their opening statements. It actually does come off as being pompous.

    Think of it like going to tell people of a certain culture that a particular practice is bad – trying to tell muslims that marrying at 14 is bad for example. What you want to do is approach the subject carefully and try to get your poont across.

    I hope my point is taken and not misconstrued as giving people excuses to oppose feminism.


    17/10/2016 at 11:04 PM

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