Dear future son

Dear future son

You are not scum!

The world will try to tell you otherwise but you will not let them into your head, you are a son of a Queen and your only armor is your cultured idiosyncrasies


The truth is Danny boy, there are no perfect methodologies to it, you can only truly be guided by your heart, your experiences and lessons learnt. Do not take this for granted


On your masculinity: Your journey is yours and yours alone and must not be trivialized by anyone! Including myself. You are unique for a reason, but only you can find out why. While it is important to be guided by mentors and  whatnot, it is left to you to discover what truly makes you you. Your drive should never be to prove that you are man enough. Dennis, you are human enough

On emotions: They’re a gift of humanity. Embrace them and find your strength in weakness

On women: This one, you’ll find, is impossible to figure out in one life time. Treat them with respect. Treat everyone with respect. And apply consideration… a lot.

On money: You’re never too young to start making it and you’re never too intelligent to lose it. Save. Work smart and most importantly don’t base your happiness and self worth on it.

On sex: Do not randomize this. If you can’t share your soul with a person, don’t share your body with them.

On education: Read. Read. Read. Equip yourself with knowledge. Knowledge, son, really is power. It’s never too late to unlearn.

On love: Never give up! Love, if you look hard enough, is all around you… But first, you must LOVE YOURSELF.

On life: What is your ultimate goal in life? Set small goals, achieve them. Set bigger goals, accomplish everything and leave no dream imprisoned. But what is the ultimate goal in life? Marriage? Legacy? I’ll say, to die… Having lived!


You will be fine 🙂



I can’t wait to meet you (Actually I can but yeah, you know what I mean)

Nkeiruka, your mother!


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  • Ejiro

    This is lovely! On friends?

    19/10/2016 at 7:07 AM

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