Pre Birthday Photoshoot #KikiX25

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Pre Birthday Photoshoot #KikiX25

I’d been stuck on 16 for a very long time. Way before I actually turned 16 and years later. It was the safest place. Anger issues, lack of interest, age of mistakes and running away from consequences. It was toxic.

I’ve found, 25 is the year of self realization and confidence building. Confidence in all ramifications. Confidence in my bank account; not necessarily meaning I have a lot… Just a feeling of contentment and satisfaction that I know what I own, I made what I own and I”l use what I own. It’s more than enough.

I loved my body more, I took care of it. Everything basically experienced a turning point so I chose to really celebrate it with the launch of my casuals apparel line, 25 clothings. Watch out for more details int the “shop” tab

I did this fun shoot in my sitting room.




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