Crotchet Diaries

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Crotchet Diaries

Since I started my natural hair journey (I chopped off ALL MY HAIR) in 2016, choosing hairstyles  has been a challenge. I decided to jump on crotchet braid for the first time and the results are amazing!

They’re lightweight, they don’t tug on my roots or edges or anything and they can literally be styled for every occasion.

I just might be ditching box braid for now guys…

Here’s how I rocked mine for a media lunch and tied it down for a breezier look.

Tip: You can tie down your hair and look casual chique without letting it down entirely. That way you don’t have crazy locs flying allover the place while you eat or something but trust me, letting it down entirely is fuuuun!!!

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Installed by @vslconcepts