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Femme Aflame

She’s just a girl and she’s on fire… This shoot was done to depict the beauty in simplicity. Natural hair, no makeup, no glam. Just a young black woman, with a voice looking to be heard.


On January 21, 2017, over 5 Million women worldwide marched, spoke and made our voices heard.


What do I want the world to know? Why did we march. The truth is, when it comes to gender, we’re all on a journey. To each, his/her unique path. This is my path…


The angry black woman… As if being a woman isn’t hard enough, try being a black one!
They’ll call you bitter to invalidate your cause, but you must never let them them define you.
They’ll say it a few more times in hopes that you start to believe… Don’t feed the distractions!
“You’re angry Kiki calm down”
Well you should be angry too!
Be angry Donald Trump wants to grab your daughter by the pussy
Be angry that she will be called a whore for being “too rich” for men to handle
Be angry that her weight is open for a political (and social media) debate
Be angry she’ll be called INCOMPLETE for not trusting her forever & always to the next available scum
Be angry she’ll be teased for choosing to carry her natural hair
Be angry she has little or no opinion on what she does with her vagina
Be angry she can’t dress how she deems comfortable
Be angry the government decides whether she’s to have kids or not

Be angry, not because you have a daughter, or a sister, or even a mother Be angry because she's human!

This is why we march…


That was my little piece I wrote. And my little art I expressed with my body as a canvass for photography.


It helped me love my hair. I saw my brown skin and plain face in a more beautiful light. I hope this self healing therapy is a source of inspiration to you


Incinerator, Uniben




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