Kiki Mordi, born Nkiru Mordi is a multi award winning investigative journalist, a radio presenter and filmmaker. She has worked in various capacities as presenter, writer, voice over artiste, filmmaker, reporter and an advocate for gender equality.

    AV Club: Why ‘Oloture’ is more than a story, it’s real life

    AV Club: Why ‘Oloture’ is more than a story, it’s real life

    As an investigative journalist, it was an uncomfortable watch. As a woman and survivor of sexual violence, I had a lump in my throat watching this film. But these uncomfortable truths need to be told and that’s what ‘Oloture’ did.

    ‘Oloture’ is a Nigerian Crime drama about a journalist who goes undercover to expose human trafficking and finds something bigger. A refreshing plot long overdue in the Nigerian storytelling space. For one, there’s not a lot of representation of the investigative aspect of journalism on screen. More importantly, there’s not enough documentation of the bad-assery that is Nigerian women committed to making a difference.

    Enter Oghogho, a character created in 2013 by journalist, Tobore Ovuorie. No, it wasn’t for a movie, it was for an undercover report by Premium Times. What does this have in common with ‘Oloture’?

    Tobore is a multi-award winning journalist who was motivated by the loss of a friend to investigate sex trafficking in Nigeria. Seven years later, Tobore still struggles with anxiety and PTSD from the horrors she experienced during her investigations (which can be found here).

    Kiki: My discomfort watching this film must pale in comparison to seeing your story sprawled across the screens I Imagine.

    Tobore: I am not regular on social media, my therapist advises that will to help my healing process.


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